Oh, don't be afraid! It is not that difficult to follow the rules. It is for interest, do you remember?

. You must LOVE Ryoga!!! No bargain!!!

. You need to have a VALID email address. Although I won't email any confirmation but I still need your email address in case I have to contact you.

. You don't need to have a website, but if you have one, you have to grab a CODE and place a link to here. (If I can't find my link in your site, I still will add your membership but sorry NO WWW LINK will be added.)

. You have to fill out ALLl the required fields on the apply form except for the webpage field if you don't have one, otherwise, I can't add you.

. Please only NOMINEE ONE NAME for the perfect lover of Ryoga, I only will take your FIRST stated one in the poll.

Not that harsh, right? Wanna to JOIN now?